2 Great Danes die all through journey from Michigan to California

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Two Great Danes left their property in Bloomfield Hills with a pet delivery provider on June 7. By the time the canine reached their desired destination –– Napa, California –– they were both lifeless. 

Bill Ervin, a longtime Michigan resident, was transferring to Napa for a occupation option. To make the massive shift simpler, he and his wife discovered a pet supply services on the internet. 

Penny and Cookie, the Wonderful Danes, have been each 6 and cleared by a vet in advance of time. So, when the Ervins obtained the phone on Friday that their canine had handed away, it felt unbelievable. They were advised the puppies had previously been cremated. 

Their cat, who was on the similar excursion, survived. 

What particularly occurred among Monday and Friday remains a mystery. 

The arrangement

Ervin observed the pet shipping services, VIP Pet Shipping and delivery, by means of a web-site named citizenshipper.com. The business is dependent out of Topeka, Kansas. He explained the operator, Rachel Cottrell, informed him that her spouse and children would deliver the canine them selves, with somebody in the again of the auto with the animals the overall time.