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Table of Contents DeKalbLaGrangeNobleSteuben INDIANAPOLIS — This year’s Indiana Condition Honest observed 405 non-animal initiatives…

Table of Contents

INDIANAPOLIS — This year’s Indiana Condition Honest observed 405 non-animal initiatives from local people of the 4-county region, with 50 of people projects coming out as orange ribbon leading merit winners. 

Of the 50 excellent initiatives, individuals by Autumn Forti (DeKalb), Audrey Brumbaugh (Noble) and Emily Wilhelm (Steuben) also earned the Top 10 Honor Group title. 

Caylee James (LaGrange) and Emma Creager (Steuben) also won the Sweepstakes title for greatest general exhibits. 

James competed in the Veterinary Science Degree 3 show with her task, “A Cattleman’s Guideline to Breeding with Frozen Semen,” and Creager competed in the Poultry Poster or Exhibit Degree 2 show with her undertaking, “Does Feed Make a Change? An investigation of egg white protein absorption in organically and non-organically lifted chickens.”

The comprehensive record of 4-county orange ribbon advantage winners is as follows: 


• Rebecca Times: Baked Food items (Baked Yeast Bread Sticks or Yeast Rolls)

• Autumn Forti: Manner Revue (Separates), Top 10 Honor Group

• Cicely Harding: Wildlife Stage 1

• Adelina Harding: Wildlife Amount 2

• Georgia Howard: Preserved Foods (Freezer Jam)

• Elizabeth Kruse: Woodworking Amount D

• Addison Moughler: House Environment Degree 2 (Home furnishings)

• Micah Schlabach: Photography Degree 1 (Color Prints)

• Lydia Solid: Stitching Design (Non-wearable)

• Lydia Sullivan: Photography Stage 3 (Black and White Prints)

• Aaron Youthful: Activity Fishing Level 2 


• William Abbott: Health Level C (Poster)

• Sophia Bolla: Baked Foodstuff (Baked Muffins)

• Courtney Hall: Stitching Building (Wearable, Dress-up)

• Caylee James: Veterinary Science Stage 3, Sweepstakes

• Katelyn James: Baked Food items (Baked Cake)

• Jedidiah Kreger: Baked Food items (Baked Yeast Bread)

• Isaac Seider: Sport Fishing Stage 1

• Carver Stump: Puppy Poster Degree 2

• Leah Yunker: Baked Foods (Baked Yeast Bread Sticks or Yeast Rolls)


• Audrey Brumbaugh: Style Revue (Formal Dress in), Prime 10 Honor Team

• McKynzie Carmien: Customer Garments Beginner

• Jacob Coats: Poultry Poster or Screen Amount 1 (Poster)

• Jacob Coats: Little Engines Stage 1

• Alayna DeLong: Forestry Level 3

• Alayna DeLong: Wildlife Stage 3

• Katherine Griffiths: Stitching Design (Non-wearable)

• Hailey Holbrook: Llama-Alpaca Crafts or Poster Level 3 (Craft)

• Lily Hopf: Preserved Meals (Frozen Pizza)

• Kaylee Kempf: Photography Stage 2 (Cell Telephone Print)

• Mitchel Lemon: Household Natural environment Amount 3 (Furniture)

• David Mains: Llama-Alpaca Crafts or Poster Stage 2 (Poster)

• Elisabeth Mains: Llama-Alpaca Crafts or Poster Amount 3 (Poster)

• Katherine Mains: Llama-Alpaca Crafts or Poster Level 1 (Poster)

• Cora Mault: Pictures Amount 1 (Mobile Cell phone Print)

• Cora Mault: Images Degree 1 (Colour Prints)

• Lilly Moser: Llama-Alpaca Crafts or Poster Stage 2 (Craft)

• Alice Palmer: Photography Stage 3 (Color Salon Print)

• Ethan Pippenger: Woodworking Degree A


• Emma Allen: Photography Stage 2 (Coloration Salon Print)

• Dawson Cline: Poultry Poster or Display Level 1 (Poster)

• Emma Creager: Poultry Poster or Screen Level 2 (Poster), Sweepstakes

• Raigyn Dobson: Preserved Food items (Canned Tomato Item)

• Hannah Martinez: Cat Poster Amount 3

• Isabella Robertson: Dwelling Environment Stage 2 (Household furniture)

• Addison Shough: Baked Foodstuff (Baked Cake)

• Paige Snyder: Images Stage 1 (Black and White Prints)

• Tyler Thrush: Preserved Foods (Frozen Vegetable)

• Emily Wilhelm: Vogue Revue (Cost-free Preference), Major 10 Honor Team

• Heidi Wilhelm: Sewing Design (Wearable, Costume-up)