Is your pet because of for a makeover? Has she been savoring the excellent
outdoors a small as well considerably? Right here are some simple ideas for aiding
your doggy place her ideal paw forward.

It all commences with the brushing:

– Brush your doggy on a regular basis. Day by day is finest. Be guaranteed to also

brush against hair development route to check out for fleas and


– The ideal applications. For quick-haired pet dogs, most groomers

propose stainless-metal combs due to the fact they slide through

coats quite quickly.

For medium to very long haired dogs commence with a slicker brush and

then stick to with a stainless metal comb.

In hot months contemplate investing in a flea comb to make positive

your pet dog has not become a flea hotel.

To make your dog’s coat truly glow, complete with a gentle

bristle brush.

– If your doggy hates remaining brushed it occasionally aids to brush

right after participate in time. Get started by brushing in the hair progress

way. When you are completed, reward your doggy with a

treat. Each and every day brush your doggy a tiny more time. And if you

are lucky, your pet may well even start off to like being brushed.

Now for the tub:

– Brush your dog from head to toe generating confident all mats are absent.

For tiny pet dogs a sink will work great. For medium to big puppies,

a tub or shower performs finest. Use only warm h2o and a very good

shampoo built for pet dogs. People today shampoo is much too severe and can

irritate your dog’s pores and skin. Most groomers advise working

from the back close ahead, lathering the head last.

– Rinse, rinse, and rinse again to make guaranteed you have removed

all shampoo.

– Shorter-haired canines dry swiftly and only have to have to be dried off

with a towel. If your pet has lengthy hair, you may possibly require to

brush him while he is drying to stay clear of tangles.

The Grand Finale:

– Finish by supplying your canine a deal with.

– Then celebrate! You and your pet dog survived the tub, and you

have a clean pet dog.