Can Teaching Your Parrot Tricks Be Both Fun and Useful?

Let make no bones about it: what draws many of us to own parrots is their ability to learn “parrot tricks” – and these are called that for a reason! Heck, we even have a verb, parroting, that’s widely known to most people, even those who’ve never even seen one of these great birds.

What makes the parrot tricks so impressive is that these birds have one of the highest intelligence levels in the whole animal kingdom. In some tests, researchers even came to the conclusion that they can learn as a small human child could. No wonder they can make such wonderful pets.

I have developed a parrot care expertise over time – and teaching your parrot tricks is not only a fun, entertaining process for you and your pet, it might also go a long way to make your bird more sociable, as well as tackle some behavioral problems – sometimes preventing them from occurring all together. As they say, an ounce of care is worth a pound of cure.

It will help in bonding with your feathered friend as well. You’ll greatly enhance your chances to have a good, productive session by keeping the parrot tricks lessons short and fun. Repetition is key. Stay on the same topic in every short session until you feel your parrot has assimilated the trick. Remember, most parrots live a loooong time, so there’s no need to hurry the process, and make sure not to fatigue your pet in the lessons. Teaching parrot tricks should be a fun process!

You can follow the link at the end of the article to learn about the basic parrot tricks like “how to step up”, and the “turn around on the perch”. Both are classics for two main reasons: they are easy to learn (and to teach), and are useful for controlling your feathered pet.

If you walk in a pet store, or to a home with an untrained parrot, you might notice that parrots can be noisy and annoying with their screeching. Want to avoid that? Then go for the gold standard of parrot tricks: teach your bird how to talk! Again I give tips about that on my website. Simply follow the link at the end.

Keep in mind all the hours you spent in school as child: repetition is key to teaching all the parrot tricks, from the simplest to the most complex. Make sure both the teacher and the student are in a relaxed, positive state. Go for it, have fun … and remember to catch yourself saying foul language, as you might find out “parroting” can be the most revealing of all parrot tricks 🙂