Dog needs Supervet help after walking into man-made trap in woods

A dog has been seriously injured after walking into a man-made trap in a woods.

Five-year-old Rooby is set to undergo treatment at Supervet star Noel Fitzpatrick’s veterinary clinic in Guildford after running into a twisted barbed wire noose hidden within fallen leaves.

The wire punctured her leg and shoulder muscles, requiring multiple stitches.

However, one week into her recovery, the Whippet took a turn for the worse as the skin around her wound began to die, exposing muscle and tissue.

Owner Lind Elise said: “Five minutes into the walk, she started screaming, and came back to us on three legs. Her left paw swelled up straight away.”

The incident happened in Nesscliffe Country Park, Shropshire, with Lind believing it was a “malicious act” set deliberately to harm dogs.

Noel Fitzpatrick’s veterinary clinic has a specialist soft tissue and oncology department, where Rooby may have to undergo surgery to save her leg. This type of procedure can take up to six months to heal from, if successful.

Lind added: “It’s heartbreaking, she is a happy, friendly dog who loves everybody.”

The man made wire trap found in the woods that Rooby was injured by
The man-made wire trap found in the woods

Rooby was a successful competitor in Flyball, a dog sport where teams compete in a relay race over hurdles, to release a ball from a spring loaded pad, and take it back to their owners.

She had previously competed at British Flyball Association events for her team The Geordie Racers, when the family lived in Northumberland.

“Rooby was a fantastic Flyball dog, she’s beautiful, she’s loving and she’s gorgeous,” said Lind.

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Lind set up a Just Giving page just three days ago to help cover the vet costs to save her dog’s life.

She has already received an outpouring of support, raising more than £12,800 of her £15,000 target. She says the response to her fundraising page has been “absolutely magnificent”.

Lind added: “There’s been an overwhelming response to help Rooby. People have really stepped up.

Rooby, the five year old whippet who needs life saving surgery on her leg
Rooby, the five year old whippet who needs life saving surgery on her leg

“She’s still wagging her tail, but she’s lost an awful lot of weight. The vet said she’s a stoic girl.”

Rooby’s family plan to donate any additional funds raised to Greyhound Protection UK, Galgos Del Sol , Lurcher SOS and JR Whippet Rescue.

You can find Rooby’s JustGiving page here .