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STOCKBRIDGE — Susan normally takes a managing start off the dock, leaps out in excess…

STOCKBRIDGE — Susan normally takes a managing start off the dock, leaps out in excess of the water with her legs distribute large, then lands with a loud splash. Her technique isn’t great — assume modified tummy flop — but the distance is impressive.

“Thirteen ft,” any individual says.

When Susan surfaces, she celebrates the accomplishment by panting loudly. H2o drips off her thickly matted fur.

Susan is a 2-calendar year-aged golden retriever, and on this working day, she took turns dock-diving with canine companions Bubba and Capri into a pool — it specifically was made for this type of activity — that a short while ago was mounted at Camp Wagalot, a puppy working day care heart on East Road.

Camp Wagalot’s operator, Jennifer Andrews, acquired the strategy for the pool from a buddy, who imagined it would improve her organization, which also gives working day care, boarding and education.

“It took me three yrs to determine out how to make it materialize,” reported Andrews, who is a accredited doggy coach. The 41-foot-by-21-foot above-floor pool, which opened last thirty day period, is 4 toes deep and features a long runway that Andrews stated is regulation dimension for pet diving, which is an real sport. (An corporation recognized as North The united states Diving Canines operates its have Hall of Fame and retains gatherings that are sanctioned by the American Kennel Club).

To measure the duration of every dog’s dive, distance markers are positioned together the sides of the pool.

Andrews, who overcame an early worry of dogs — she was 5 when attacked by a Doberman pinscher in her hometown of Savannah, Ga. — claimed it charge additional than $70,000 to make the pool at Camp Wagalot, which has been found at her property in Stockbridge considering that 2011.

Andrews, a previous recruiter and trainer at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, started off her business enterprise after receiving laid off for the duration of the Terrific Economic downturn.

“I was 40 and didn’t know what I was going to do,” she said. “I was laying about the property and found out that all I preferred to do is be with my canines all working day.”

Camp Wagalot’s pool has no therapeutic function.

“We are not a treatment pool,” Andrews reported. “It’s for physical exercise and leisure.”

In addition to diving, Camp Wagalot’s pool also serves as a canine swimming facility. Andrews reported drinking water activity provides a fantastic training for canines.

“Ten minutes of swim time is like 10 hours of perform time,” she reported. “It’s great for their joints and retains them lively.”

As Susan, Bubba and Capri confirmed in a modern demonstration, canines like the pool. But, the facility’s size requires awhile for canines to alter to, Andrews mentioned.

Canine normally enter h2o from land, not by diving or jumping off a dock, so that they can see what’s beneath them and determine an exit approach. But, Andrews mentioned canines usually fear swimming pools mainly because they can not see the base in advance of they go in and really don’t know the way out.

“They start flailing about,” she claimed.

Camp Wagalot’s pool has a ramp that sales opportunities out of the water and on to the dock, and Andrews explained 1 of the initial items she teaches the pet dogs that use her pool is how to exit the facility properly by means of the ramp.

As an extra safety evaluate, Camp Wagalot counselors fit canine with lifestyle jackets prior to they leap into the pool. “You have to acclimate canine to the pool simply because they’re hesitant to go into the h2o at first simply because they just cannot see the bottom,” Andrews mentioned. “But, after you make their assurance, they want to go in no subject what.”

Just about every doggy is equipped with a everyday living preserver when in the pool, as an more safety measure.

“You have to acclimate pet dogs to the pool because they are hesitant to go into the water at initial due to the fact they just can’t see the bottom,” she claimed. “But, after you develop their self esteem, they want to go in no issue what.

“They get a small fatigued, but it normally takes awhile.”

Andrews also goes into the pool with her canine and reported many puppy homeowners do, as well. Any canine proprietor can use the pool at Camp Wagalot by building an appointment.

Between the three canines that participated in Camp Wagalot’s latest doggy-diving exhibition, Susan’s 13-footer was the longest bounce. But, canines that take part in formal canine-diving competitions can soar significantly farther.

Spitfire, a 4-yr-outdated whippet from Olympia, Wash., dived 31 toes from a dock in October 2018, according to, and has made several dock dives of around 20 toes. Spitfire’s feats have come to be so impressive that he is recognized as “the Michael Jordan of doggy diving” by aficionados of his sport. He has a Facebook web site with 6,200 followers.

Puppy diving — it initially was known as dock leaping — made its debut as a opposition in 1997, at the Unbelievable Pet Obstacle, an occasion put on by doggy food stuff company Purina. ESPN started broadcasting dog-associated athletic pursuits in 2000, as component of its Excellent Outdoor Video games competitiveness, and will be holding a complete working day of doggy-associated programming Aug. 26.

Andrews at some point desires to use the pool to educate puppies for puppy-diving competitions, but ideal now she plans to use it for exciting. 

Andrews is setting up to commence a puppy-diving group called Berkshire Flight Club upcoming spring. She preferred to do it this 12 months, but development on the pool did not start right until Could. She sooner or later desires to use the pool to teach canine for pet dog-diving competitions, but right now she designs to use it for enjoyable.

Andrews’ pool, positioned on an elevated piece of land following to her house, offers Camp Wagalot a state club really feel.

“The only detail we’re lacking in this article,” she said, “is the ocean.”

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