Glasgow Live is backing Whippets in TeamDogs’ search for the best breed of dog

Glasgow Live has joined forces with our brand new sister site, TeamDogs, and the fabulous Pooch & Mutt food for dogs company, to find out which dog breed really is the nation’s favourite.

Here, Jenny Stallard champions Whippets and explains exactly why they are the best breed.

If you agree – or disagree – we’ll give you the chance to vote in the search to find the UK’s favourite dog breed.

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For many Whippet owners, they’re not so much dogs as ‘other worldly beings’. Whippets are truly unique, with their long noses and funny ways. And it’s those quirks which make a whippet the best breed as far as I’m concerned.

Known as sighthounds, Whippets are an ancient breed, believed to be the fastest accelerating dog breed (I can well believe that, it’s like Florence has ‘gears’ when she sets off to run!). Dogs that look like whippets and their ‘big siblings’ Greyhounds can be seen as far back as Egyptian times, which shows just how rooted in history this breed is.

I love being able to see images from over the centuries of dogs that look like mine, and I feel a sense of pride that my dog has a long history to its name.

Whippets will ‘sing’ to you, making a noise not like a howl and not like a cry, more like a sing-song, if they want something. Mine, Florence, often does this when she is falling asleep, or she’ll ‘sing’ to me for a blanket to cover her up. Diva? Sure! But that’s another part of the appeal of a whippet.

Whippets are either running at 100mph or sleeping like logs, which is a marvel. Whippets don’t run, they do ‘Zoomies’, running at speed in circles, no other dog able to catch them. In fact, I’d say Florence’s speed when she runs is one of the things that makes me the proudest of her. When we see other dog walkers, they all say how fast she is, and I love that she – and other whippets – are almost like athlete sprinters.

Whippets have a mind of their own, and while I know that might not be the ‘thing’ for some dog owners, for me it’s a key part of why they’re great. They are strong minded, sneaky (they’re known for pinching food and being escape artists by opening doors or getting through gates), but they are also hugely loving and loyal. Sometimes, Florence will come to me for a cuddle and flop herself into my lap with such force, it’s like she is a sandbag being thrown on my lap. That’s the feeling of true devotion and bonding I get from my whippet.

Then there’s the whippet community, which is as unique as our ‘skinny long nose’ dogs. I have joined in with groups on Facebook where other owners offer amazing advice, all from personal experience of owning a whippet.

If you needed further persuasion, what better accolade for my favourite breed than to be a Crufts winner? When a Whippet called Tease was declared best in show in 2018, I felt very emotional!

Here was proof, if any more was needed, that this toast-stealing athletic long-nosed running machine could also be a prize show dog, worthy of the highest accolade of all.

Take a look at the TeamDogs leaderboard and cast your vote. If your favourite isn’t there, just email us at [email protected] with 200 words telling us how brilliant the breed is and why it deserves to win and we’ll add it to the competition