How to catch a coelacanth in Animal Crossing | the place, when and how

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In the entire world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is so considerably that you can do and so lots of points to find – including several unique sorts of fish that swim all-around just ready to be caught.

But there are some fish that are more durable to uncover and catch than many others and a coelacanth undoubtedly falls into the category of remaining more challenging to identify and reel in. You will need to have it nevertheless if you want to full the museum’s fish exhibit as perfectly as completing the Critterpedia and the Golden Fishing Rod Do-it-yourself Recipe.

But how do you find this legendary fish, and how do you capture it at the time it has been located?

  • Coelacanth months: Available all 12 months
  • Coelacanth occasions: 24 hours 
  • Coelacanth spot: sea, when it is raining
  • Coelacanth selling price: 15,000 Bells

How to capture a coelacanth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A person of the essential factors to know about locating a coelacanth is that you will only have a shot when it is raining so if it is a obvious, sunny day then you will not location 1 swimming about in the h2o – finest to try out and get this done just before the summer season will come together then.

Fortunately, recognizing one is quite basic as they have a massive shadow that is difficult to skip. But as for the locale in which you need to head to for a superior shot at receiving maintain of a single, your very best guess would be the little pier that your island has, not the just one up coming to exactly where you fly into when you arrive though.

But just turning up there with your rod is not likely to nab you a coelacanth and you will need to have to make confident that you are stocked up with as considerably bait as you can possibly get your arms on as it will possible be essential.

But when there, as prolonged as it is raining, just start out throwing bait in and waiting for that elusive fish to swim together. And it does not issue what time of day it is either so if you spot rain, working day or night time, that is your cue to get on down to that pier and get to fishing.

Where can I discover other scarce fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Whilst we are conversing about that pier, it is a superior time to point out that a coelacanth is not the only fish that you will locate down there as it is a good spot for catching other rare fish that you may well be missing.

Tuna, Mahi-mahi and Blue Marlin are just three of the rarer styles of fish that like to dangle out down by the pier – but really don’t overlook that some can only be caught at specified times of the 12 months and less than selected disorders.

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