Why animal legal rights activists are protesting in Baku irrespective of arrests

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For additional than a month, animal legal rights activists are protesting in Baku in opposition to the Toplan Center for Homeless Puppies. All protests have been brutally dispersed by police, various activists have been arrested, and many are now going through large fines. What do the young activists want from Toplan Heart and why does the heart for the stray pet dogs continue to be silent in the experience of these accusations?

Toplan stays silent

In July 2021, three protests ended up held in entrance of the Toplan Heart for stray canine which is positioned in the suburbs of Baku. Each individual time, the activists demanded to be permitted into the territory of the heart or to discuss to a single of the officials of this department.

Every time, the protests were being brutally dispersed by police officers. Six of the protesters have been fined 400 manats [approximately $ 235] each.

It really should be observed that more than a month has passed considering the fact that the to start with protest but so considerably Toplan has not responded to the activists’ accusations.

Three protesters had been arrested

On August 6, 2021, animal rights activists organized another protest. But this time not in entrance of the Toplan developing but in the heart of Baku – on the Fountain Sq.. Young activists had been putting on T-shirts symbolizing the blood of homeless animals.

animal rights activists are protesting in Baku
Protest action in the heart of Baku. August 6, 2021. Photo: JAMnews

This time law enforcement officers intervened, detained organizers of the protest, and took them to the law enforcement station. An hour later on, the detainees had been introduced.

But the activities of that working day did not end there. Following leaving the law enforcement station, a few activists – Elkhan Mirzoyev, Nijat Ismailov, and Nijat Azayev expressed their issues to a male who offered town residents to get pics with his monkey. animal legal rights activists have accused him of exploiting the animal.

animal rights activists are protesting in Baku
Animal rights activists just before the trial. Photograph: JAMnews

Police officers who had been standing close by detained the activists at the time again. The up coming day, the Sabail District Courtroom of Baku city sentenced them to 15 times of administrative arrest.

What do activists want from Toplan Heart?

JAMnews addressed this question to just one of the organizers of protests in entrance of the Toplan building and in the center of Baku, animal legal rights activist Kamran Mammadli.

According to Mammadli, the deficiency of transparency in Toplan’s get the job done raises worries. The activists do not know the fate of the pet dogs caught on the streets of the metropolis by the personnel of the center: “Those who wish to become volunteers to consider treatment of stray canine are not permitted into the territory of the heart, even those people animals that men and women treatment for are caught and taken absent in cars. Irrespective of the calls for of these folks, subsequently, these dogs do not return to the location the place they had been taken away from for sterilization”.

“According to our facts, from March 1, 2019, i.e. Considering that the beginning of the Toplan Center’s pursuits, this office has not revealed a solitary report on the destiny of the puppies caught in the streets of Baku.

animal rights activists are protesting in Baku
Protest motion in the middle of Baku. August 6, 2021. Photograph: JAMnews

In its early days, the middle released each day studies on the selection of canines caught for neutering. But once more, there was no details about their even further fate. The veterinarians of the centre at unique times produced statements that puppies are produced “into nature”, but at the very same time they did not offer them with food”, the activist emphasised.

He added that day-to-day activists witness the catching of several puppies on the streets of the cash, but later they are not returned to the place in which they are taken absent from, and there are no these kinds of pet dogs in the heart both.

“This disappearance of the dogs without the need of a trace gives us cause to doubt that they stay alive. And when we started to discuss about it brazenly, our doubts began to switch into a conviction. If we summarize the details of the centre, then from their aspect at least 44, 000 canines were being caught on the streets of Baku. But if you go out into the streets of the town, then you will not be in a position to count even 44 canine with a yellow tag – marking the puppies spayed with Toplan.

There are a lot of details about the withdrawal of puppies by the staff of the heart from lactating mom dogs. At this age, the canine is not suited for neutering or vaccination. Then why and wherever are they taken? This is a person of the greatest mysteries for us. Allow me emphasize that 1 of the concepts of Toplan’s perform, which they declared at the commencing of their activity, is the return of canines after spaying to the position where by they have been caught.

We demand from customers transparency of Toplan’s actions, the openness of their get the job done to the public, return the pet dogs caught for vaccination and sterilization to the territory exactly where they have been taken away from”,”Kamran Mammadli summed up his text.

Toplan refuses to remark

Regardless of our many calls, no 1 answered us at the Toplan animal care heart.

The previous time Toplan’s pages on socialmedia these as Facebook and Instagram were up to date at the starting of June 2021, they also do not react to person requests.